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    1999 Constitution: Forged, Fraudulent, Null, Void, And Dead! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

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    The 1999 Constitution was written solely by two Fulanis: the gap-tooth despot Ibrahim Babangida and Abulsalami Abubakar. The 1999 Constitution serves as instrument of oppression and subjugation by which minority Fulanis whip into submission majority non-Fulani ethnic groups.

    Some Nigerians who still believe in one Nigeria didn’t know the following salient facts about the 1999 Constitution:

    (1) The 1999 Constitution was promulgated by military Decree 24 of 1999 was never subjected to any referendum.

    (2) The 1999 Constitution was written by a selected few that never got the consent of the indigenous nationalities or its representatives.

    (3) After writing the 1999 Constitution it was hidden from the public until after the inauguration of former President Olusegun Obadanjo.

    (4) Funny enough, this 1999 Constitution was not printed by the government press or any known printers in 1999.

    (5) The 1999 Constitution created a unitary government as against the projected federal government and this forged inefficient
    overcentralized government as well as creating overcentralized judiciary which has never been autonomous.

    (6) The 1999 Constitution falsely and maliciously claims that indigenous nationalities willingly handed over their natural resources to the federal government.

    (7) interestingly, did you know the 1999 Constitution calls state governors chief security officers but at the same time centralized all security agencies and denies these state governors control over any of these security agencies.

    (8) And finally, do you know that the illegitimate 1999 Constitution section 6 subsection 16 absolves the government from liabilities regarding rights of the citizens as provided in chapter 2 making these rights not justifiable this and many more are the reasons why corruption, unaccountability, incompetence, insecurity, and institutionalized in Nigeria.
    ***Culled from Nigeria Indigenous Nationalities Alliance (NINAS) website.

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