Friday, October 22, 2021

    Afghanistan: Taliban Must Reject the Saudi-sponsored Evil Ideology of Wahhabism

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    ▪︎ “We don’t want Wahhabism in Afghanistan.” So says a senior Taliban leader Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa in interview with Iranian media Press TV

    When I saw this News Report I was hopeful.

    Taliban is the most powerful force presently in Afghanistan. For sustainable peace, progress and development of Afghanistan, the Taliban must reject the evil ideology of Wahhabism.

    Check this:

    �The Saudi-sponsored ideology that inspired Al-Qaeda, ISIS, BokoHaram, Shabbab in Somalia and all the murderous terrorist groups that are killing the innocent using the fraudulent name of Islam is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that oppressed women using the fraudulent name of Islam & deprive them of education is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that celebrate and glorify the murder of the innocent is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that is notorious in excommunicating (Takfir) millions of Muslims from Islam is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that is notorious in dividing Muslims via sectarianism is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that spread hate mongering and acute intolerance among Muslims is Wahhabism.
    �The evil ideology that is the biggest tool in the house of Islam of Western Imperialism and Global Zionism is Wahhabism.

    It is impossible for the evil ideology of Wahhabism to build and inspire a modern Muslim state that will favorably compete with the scientific and technological advancement of the West. Despite the huge Oil wealth of Saudi Arabia and it close alliance with America and the West for close to a century, why is Saudi Arabia scientifically and technologically backward? The answer is Wahhabism.

    The pillars of murderous Wahhabism are:

    1) Hate mongering
    2) Acute intolerance
    3) Murderous Terrorism.

    The Taliban that we know in the 90s was inspired by Wahhabism. Taliban then was closely allied with Al-Qaeda Terrorists and Osama bin Laden. The Taliban then massacred more than 15,000 innocent Shia civilians and created multiple Shia mass graves in Mazari Shareef. The Taliban oppressed women and religated them to inferior Citizens of Afghanistan. Afghanistan then became safe haven for all murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups.

    Unfortunately, Afghanistan has not seen peace for nearly 40 years. It was from Soviet invasion, to Taliban take over then to US and NATO invasion and 20 years occupation. The only thing the middle age Citizens of Afghanistan know today is war, war and war. War and violence has never facilitate the instruments of progress and development. What is needed most in Afghanistan of today is sustainable peace that will usher in progress and development.

    The neighboring countries to Afghanistan especially Pakistan and Iran should help Afghanistan rise again. They should help Afghanistan grow it comatose economy, unite it people and not be a safe haven for Al-Qaeda and other murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups.

    Unfortunately, Afghanistan under American occupation saw the astronomical rise of heroin cultivation and production that pose a threat to the whole world. Millions of people around the world are addicted to heroin. Drug abuse is unhealthy to any modern society.

    The International Criminal Court, ICC, should hasten the indictment of American, UK, Australian and other NATO soldiers that perpetrated heinous war crimes in Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians were brutally slaughtered by NATO forces in Afghanistan.

    On a final note, we call on US and UK regimes to immediately withdraw all their troops that they sent back to Afghanistan.

    Harun Elbinawi

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