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    Why The Yoruba Must Quickly Unite With The Igbos

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    I feel really compelled to make contributions towards the very suspecious, scary and unfolding events taking place in Nigeria today under the APC government. Let me make a few point very clear before I proceed.

    First, I don’t belong to any political party not APC nor PDP or any other. My reason is simple, I don’t believe in this crop of politicians. They are too clueless for my liking. They are mafias, rogues and complete empty heads, so I don’t find them worthy of deserving my vote. This is a personal opinion and i owe nobody any apology for that.

    Secondly, this contribution is not for Fulani and the buharists to feast on. They must steer clear and allow people with brains and a level of sanity to put forward their comments devoid of hate and malicious intentions.

    Thirdly, for everyone that will come across this post, please read it with open mind. Put aside sentiments, be objective with your comment and see things for what they are even though I meant end up being called unity begger.

    I have lived in Yoruba land now for about 21 years. I have Yorubas as friends, I equally had them as course mates back in school days. I do business with them and i look forward to more fruitful relationship with them. I admire their spirit of hospitality and humility.

    But the truth I must say to the Yorubas without any iota of bias whatsoever. Honestly, my Yoruba brothers must be told a few truth given the present goings in the country. They must be reminded that the Fulanis are fully out to undermine and overrun Nigeria. I have heard many of them argue how it is not possible and how APC is the best party in Nigeria not until late.

    The opportunity in question here for these killers to overrun Nigeria no doubt, has already been established by the Yoruba race. How? True the infiltration of their ranks with the religion of Islam. For the fact that a large chunk of Yorubas are sympathetic to Islam is a dangerous handshake that must be checked with all seriousness.

    Secondly, I have noted with serious concern the Yoruba penchant for preferring a Northern president than an Igbo president. Take for example, there has been a loud advocacy by prominent Northerners that an Igbo president succeeds Buhari in 2023 for fairness and equity. Whether that is political or not but at least we have heard them say it. Unfortunately, I have never heard any Yoruba elite coroberate same instead the Yorubas have been at the for front of stylishly packaging Tinubu, Osinbanjo and canvassing for Fashola or Fayemi to succeed Buhari.

    Let me make it very clear, the Yorubas should not make themselves the enemies of the Igbos. If they do, they will be at the losing end. Space will fail me to explain this but lets leave it at that. They just shouldn’t. It doesn’t take anything away from them to for once support Igbo presidency in the spirit of brotherhood. The Yorubas must stop being cunny with the Igbos. They must not be politically correct at all times.

    Said that, am sure everyone can perceive the dangerous wave of things in our national life today. We need not be told that the coming days are heavily pregnant and no one knows what it will deliver. The fulanis are bent on unleasing heal in Nigeria in their quest to conquer and dominate others.

    I posted a very short piece yesterday calling on the South to be prepared and I meant every call in that short piece. I have no reason to doubt the readiness of the Igbos including the Niger Deltans in the event of any emergency in Nigeria. I trust those guys with everything in me, you can take this to the bank for free.

    Unfortunately, I do not think same about the Yorubas. This is the more reason why they must quickly unite with their brothers in the East now because tomorrrow may be too late. Igbos have fought war in the past at least for three solid years, they understand a little about war and so can stand any invasion for as long as it can take. They did it between 1967-70 anyone who thinks they can’t do much better now is only fooling himself.

    This contribution is not born out of hatred for anybody. I love my Yoruba brothers. But they must shake up, do the needful. I need them to be more reasonable. For once, forge alliance with their Eastern brothers and put aside their handshake with the North which will consume them if not checked immediately.

    I am happy for the Southern governors meeting which have begun in earnest. We expect more of it and hope that there are no sabotours and cunny devils among them who spill every details of the meeting to their Fulani masters because we really need to come together and ensure that evil wicked caliphate burns to ashes.

    Another way the unity between the Yoruba’s and the Igbos can be strengthened is for our online warriors who are specialists in attacking one another Igbo and yoruba to stop the attacks, rather use their time online to put forward pieces that can inform, educate as well as aid the unity of the whole South.

    The unity must begin now and in earn in earnest.

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