Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    Why Nigerians Need To Support The Police And Armed Forces Now

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    The day the Nigerian military loses the morale and will to fight for a largely ungrateful people that make a mockery of their daily bloody self-sacrifice is the day Nigeria will cease to exist and we will all end with it.

    The Afghan military had superiority in numbers, better training, sophisticated equipments, gears & logistical support. But they could not put up even a 24 hours fight in defence of the capital Kabul. They just melted away into the frantic crowd fleeing Afghanistan.

    Let’s take away our idiotic hate blanket covering our minds for a moment & imagine what will happen when we wake up one morning to hear that our troops have all deserted their positions.

    The President will leave to a life of luxury retirement with his family to a rich Arab nation as a permanent guest of the King & probably get a UN job as an international mediator or something because of his transparent honesty & sincerity of purpose.

    Top government officials, civil & public servants, rich business men, politicians & Nigerians with dual passports will slip away to foreign lands with their families.

    Nigerians with sense, knowing what will follow will sneak away into neighbouring countries before they slam their borders shut because no country needs refugees of 200 million lawless stiff-necked people steeped in corruption.

    Nigeria will be carved up by criminals & terrorists & the country will be one huge battlefield as these warlords fight to control territories & resources.

    Edited: Excerpt from K. Ahmed

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