Thursday, September 23, 2021

    A Lot Of Nigerian Christians Are Already Muslim

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    For those you are interested in studying, Islam and Christianity are the same religion. You can argue with me or use this as an opportunity to research.

    Islam and Christianity are the same religion the way Catholicism and Redeemed are the same religion. When you use the terms ‘Abrahamic’ and’ ‘Judeo Christian’ really think about what you’re saying because I promise you don’t know.

    What is the difference? The difference is Europeans when they received this religion decided not to follow it strictly, and Arabs chose to follow it as it was written.

    But if you are a good Christian and follow the bible 100% you will live you live your life exactly like a Sharia abiding muslim.

    What is a Nun? A Nun is a woman who has chosen to live exactly as the bible tells women to live
    What is a Hijabi? A Hijabi is a woman who has chosen to live exactly as the quran tells women to live

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