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    Ijaw Republic Is Fully Declared Today 1st Of September 2021

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    1ST OF SEPTEMBER 2021.

    Forward this worldwide.

    General Ditari speaks.

    Everybody who sees this write up should forward it to all Ijaw groups and none Ijaw groups both on WhatsApp and Facebook and forward it worldwide.

    If the whole Ijaw people are ready to work with us the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization, of which we have members in each of the 65 clans of the Ijaw Nation in our group, and of which we are creating that Central Ijaw dialect in preparation for Ijaw Republic of which all which are being said in a language will be divided into 65 equal parts according to the number of Ijaw clans under Ijaw National Congress INC and Ijaw Youth Council IYC, and each clan will bring equal words to the Central dialect to be formed, and these words will be joined together, and we get a central dialect accepted by all Ijaw people.
    It’s only the native dialects that will be collected, no borrowed language.
    E.g the Ibani and some other Ijaws of which the Ibani for example are speaking Ibani and other none Ijaw language while still under INC and IYC,
    This Central Ijaw dialect we are creating now will put an end to all that errors.
    And it will give us movie industry, fully balanced music industry fully balanced and a language teaching sector of which the new Central dialect will be taught all over Ijaw Nation and each clan will still have their different clans dialects, and this new created dialect will just be the Central dialect, and it will belong to none, while still belonging to all and more employments everywhere for our Ijaw people both the young and old and perfect unity will be achieved in Ijaw Nation more than ever before.
    The Nigerian system Balkanized us into more than 6 States to weaken our unity as Ijaw people.
    They treat us worse than slaves in Nigeria.
    Zamfara and other Northern states Gold is for them alone, other people mineral resources, are for them alone, and it’s Ijaw crude oil that’s is for everybody body.
    3 percent of 100 percent they claim they gave Ijaw Nation even that 3 percent will be shared with other areas that pipeline pass through.
    I General Ditari I’m the Moses of the Ijaw Nation sent by God and ordained for this by God, even before I was born to liberate our Ijaw people from this curse called Nigeria.
    All the areas in the 18 States of the Ijaw Republic including its Fct which is Centre of Ijaw Republic are all under Ijaw Youth Council IYC and Ijaw National Congress INC

    The 18 States of the Ijaw Republic

    The States will come this time with the reactions from many Ijaw people on each state.

    1. West Ijaw State.
    Comprising the 3 Ijaw clans of Arogbo, some of Furupagha. and Apoi all
    In Ondo state.

    State Capital Arogbo.

    Ijaw people say that this state should have Ijaw Name like others.
    It already have Ijaw in the name of the state, and it’s in the Western part of Ijaw land.

    2. Beni-Ibe state
    Comprising the 5 Ijaw clans of
    Olodiama West, Furupagha, Egbema, Ukomu Gbaraun.

    State capital Ajakurama.

    The reactions were that the state Capital should be Ofunama another Egbema town as Ajakurama even when it’s not as big as Ajakurama.
    But Egbema alone is not the Only clan in Beni-Ibe state so the Capital City goes to the Beni-Ibe largest town.
    And also the next reaction was that all Egbema should be in none Balkanized into Ovia Southwest and Warri North that they were Balkanized into that they all will go to one state which is with the Beni Ibe state.

    3. Wari State
    Comprising if the whole Ijaws of the 3 Warri LGA

    State capital Ogbe-Ijoh

    except parts of Egbema clan that enter Wari North
    Which will fully go with the Egbema in Edo to Beni-Ibe state.
    Agreed. Thereby leaving Wari state to the four Ijaw clans of Isaba, Gbaramatu, Ogbe-Ijoh, and Ogulagha.

    All Ijaws of Warri 3 LGA
    Share boundaries with each other no comments from the Ijaw Nation on this state more than this.

    4. Toru-ibe state.
    Comprising of the whole Ijaws of Burutu, Bomadi and Patani LGA.

    State Capital Burutu.

    Reactions were that capital should be in Bomadi but Burutu is the Centre town of all the Toru-Ibe state people, and Bomadi is near other Nigerian tribes areas.
    So Burutu is the best location.
    Elemebiri Asamabiri Ekperiware Adagbabiri and Trofani towns will join their Kabo clan kinsmen in Toru ibe state.
    These towns will not go with Eksa state.

    5. Eksa state.
    Comprising of the two LGA of Ekeremor and Sagbama with over 50 towns.

    State Capital Aleibiri.
    State capital could not be Sagbama because it nears Kaiama too much.

    Reactions in the Ijaw Nation were that it should
    Be taken to Ekeremor town but it need not be so because Aleibiri is the Centre town of the whole Eksa state people.

    6. Koge state.
    Comprising of the the 4 Ijaw clans of Kolokuma, Opokuma, Gbarain, and Ekpetiama clans, K+O+G+E with atleast 40 towns.
    Capital city Kaiama.

    No reaction from the Ijaws on this state.

    7. Oporoma state.
    Taking 73 of Southern Ijaw towns.
    Capital city Oporoma.
    No reactions.

    The remaining 103 Southern Ijaw towns will be in a state that will not be Koluama by name but

    8. Southern Ijaw state.
    With Koluama as state capital.
    Because the reactions from the Ijaw Nation was that Koluama cannot be the state name.

    9.Ogbia State.
    Comprising of the Ogbia Ijaw people.
    Capital city Ogbia town.

    Some Ogbia Ijaw people say they will need more than a state, but things are done very fairly without no partiality here with the acceptance of each of the 65 Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization clan reps, who agrees that things are fair before it is carried out.

    10. Nembe state.
    Comprising of the Nembe Ijaw people

    State Capital Nembe city.
    No reactions against it.

    11. Brass state
    Comprising Of the Brass and Akassa people.
    State Capital Akassa

    Reactions were that Akassa people deserves a state of their own.
    But the fact is that Brass State have just two clans in it unlike other different states with 5,or 4 clans and Akassa people got the state capital so it’s okay that way.

    12. Central Ijaw state
    Comprising of the Abua Odual and Engenni Ijaw people.this does not mean that they are in the centre part of Ijaw land.

    State Capital Abua.
    No reactions against it.

    13. Kalabari State
    Comprising of the LGA of Asari Toru, Akuku Toru and Degema LGA.

    State capital.

    No reactions against it from the Ijaw Nation.

    14. Okrika State.
    Comprising of the Okrika Ijaws of Okrika, Ogu/Bolo and Port Harcourt city LGA.
    State capital.
    Okrika LGA headquarters.

    15. Ibani state.
    Comprising of the 57 towns of the Bonny LGA and also the Opobo.

    State capital Bonny.

    16. Annindokarie state.
    Comprising the whole Annindokarie people of which their home is in the border of 3 States.
    They are the only Ijaws not on the mainland Ijaw Republic. The rest Ijaws have perferct boundaries with each other, Itsekiri which will be a state under Oduduwa Republic is not in mainland Oduduwa Republic.
    Not all USA, UK and France States are in the country mainland. Little part of Eleme people seperates this Annindokarie people from mainland Ijaw Republic
    State capital Afam.

    17 Obolo State.
    Comprising of the Obolo Ijaw people of Andoni Eastern Obolo and Ibeno LGA

    State capital Central Obolo which is Eastern Obolo LGA headquarters.

    18.Oro state.
    The Oro people of which they are Obolo people and Obolo are Ijaw people even Oro is under IYC today.
    The small LGA sharing pattern in Akwa-Ibom state favoured them in a way other Ijaw areas were not privileged to have.

    The Federal Capital city will be in centre of Ijaw Republic Which is many parts of Epie and Atissa clans areas of Yenagoa and the Wilberforce Island. Amassoma will also enter the Fct.
    The federal capital territory.

    Ijaws we’ve suffered too much
    I’m not afraid to be arrested for standing for the rights of my Ijaw people. They unjustly Balkanized us into more than 6 States when all our areas are together and we share boundaries with each other.
    We the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization of which we have clan reps in the 65 clans of the Ijaw Nation and of which by the grace of God I am the President of the group are the ones doing the Ijaw Central dialect and the Ijaw Republic.
    All the areas spoken of here in Ijaw Republic are under these Organization of Ijaw National Congress INC and Ijaw Youth Council IYC till today.

    My Ijaw people the time has come for Ijaw Republic.
    I am not afraid to get arrested for standing for the rights of my Ijaw people.
    We are not slaves.
    You cannot beat a child and ask him or her not to cry this is exactly what they are doing to our Ijaw people.
    If I am arrested my Ijaw people should not betray me at all.
    And I know my Ijaw people will not, because I will not betray them either.
    The country main express will be done in the heart of Ijaw Republic and it will pass through Ijaw territories from lenght to lenght and edge to edge without passing other tribes areas.
    Left hand side, ijaw towns all through right hand side Ijaw towns all through from Apoi in Ondo state to Ibeno Akwa-Ibom state.Though bridges will be done but it’s normal.
    We have seen our Ijaw Nation as a Republic of its own already and all the 18 States Governors of the Ijaw Republic is what we are arranging now, we Will not betray our Ijaw tribe and our Ijaw tribe shouldn’t betray we the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization created to see to it that Ijaw Nation is balanced organized united and free from partiality and all forms of discrimination among Ijaws at all times.
    We’ve suffered too much as Ijaw people. Time to break the chain. If I am arrested Ijaw should destroy all crude oil Pipeline and
    Bring this Nigeria to none existing. Destroy it.
    I am the Moses of the Ijaw people sent by God to free my Ijaw people from this curse called Nigeria I’m not afraid at all. And I can never betray my Ijaw struggles and Ijaw people because if i do so that means I will be betraying my God who brought me to defend my Ijaw people without fear.

    Ijaw don’t betray me.
    I am not afraid, and nothing will do any of our 18 state governors because even the Bible say among all that you gave me, none was lost.
    Ijaw Nation please should not betray the Lovers of Ijaw Nation Organization and we swear to never betray the Ijaw Nation.
    Forward this write up to the whole world already Britain have gotten booklet and have now known of our Ijaw Republic forward this write up to all Ijaw groups to all None Ijaw groups to all Nigerian groups.
    We Ijaws are now a Republic of our own we are not Nigerians again.

    We have 18 States with a federal capital territory forward it to everywhere.
    My Ijaw people if I am arrested destroy this Nigerian crude oil pipelines it’s time for Ijaw Republic.

    I am not afraid. I am the Moses of my Ijaw people.
    I am General Ditari.

    Ijaw Republic is our Ijaw tribe present country.
    We are no longer Nigerians.

    Forward it everywhere everybody want to forward it to both Ijaw groups and none Ijaw groups.
    The time has come.

    General Ditari speaks.

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