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    Why APC And Ganduje Should Worry Of Kwankwaso Ahead Of 2023

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    APC’s erratic rule at the center should be a source of concern for the party ahead of the upcoming general elections in 2023. In Kano state, the party has a lot to fear from the PDP and the threat they are likely to pose, particularly from Kwankwaso, who has been out looking for ways to depose the ruling party in the state.

    Ganduje’s term in office ends in 2023, and he will do everything in his power to ensure that his preferred candidate is installed. As a result, the battle will intensify in 2023, as the state’s two political gladiators battle for supremacy.

    According to Daily Trust, Kwankwaso recently sent a strong message to the APC and Ganduje, saying that they should be prepared for another strong fight in 2023, and that he now has more resources to counter Ganduje’s power in the next guber election. This warning should not be taken lightly by Ganduje’s camp and the APC, because Kwankwaso has always been a man of his words. Ganduje should be in for yet another fierce battle.

    APC should be concerned about his political experience, with of his connections both in and out of the state.. He was the one who brought Ganduje to power. As a result, he will be instrumental in the state’s political affairs in 2023. Even as he failed last time, he is still a threat to the ruling party.

    Ganduje served under Kwankwaso on several occasions before assuming the mantle of leadership in the state. The teachings, values, and principles he learnt from him are what defined a true leader.

    Another reason is that under Kwankwaso, Kano state became more developed, and one of the most developed states in the north. This is due to his humble and dignified service to the people of the state. Unlike Ganduje, who has been fingered in a series of scandals and allegations. This is a clear reason why the APC should be concerned about the upcoming guber election because Ganduje can no longer be trusted.

    Ganduje’s bribery case and all the allegations leveled against him cannot be forgotten, even though he tried all his best to deal with the accusers. It is something the people of Kano can never forget so easily, and it will live on in their memory.

    The both are two experienced politicians. However, the battle will be too intense if APC allows Ganduje to impose his preferred candidate in 2023. It may not sit down well with some APC’s supporters who have already criticized the governor’s style of leadership.

    The stepping on Kwankwaso’s poster during a political rally in the state made him lost respect of some APC’s supporters. Some of the party’s faithfuls even described the gesture as unprofessional. Although, one of the governor’s aide denied the claim as reported by Daily Trust.

    So, on a more serious note, Ganduje will not be able to stand with Kwankwaso in a fair and credible battle without the support of President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC, and it will be a different approach this time with the way Kwankwaso is prepared for the 2023 election.

    These are some of the reasons why the party should be prepared for Kwankwaso and the PDP in the next guber election in the state. What is your take on this? Kindly share on the comments section below.

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