Thursday, September 23, 2021

    How Igbos Must Reintegrate All Their People Now

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    All historical evidences since recorded history proves that Igboland stretches all the way from present Benue to Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa and Rivers State.

    However, revisitionists immediately after the civil war used scotch earth policies to start redrawing our boundaries in the most bizarre and brazen way. The major culprits here were the Fulani who in 1970 and afterwards felt the only way they could punish Igbos and stop our progress was to align with Ijaws in taken over our territories. They provided state backing for Ijaws and allowed them to commit attrocities unhindered. Most of these attrocities were committed under the old Rivers State when Ijaws were in control.

    Some of the attrocities they committed include the following:

    1. Trying to seize Obigbo and in the process changed its name to Oyigbo.

    2. Declared Igbo properties in P.H as abandoned properties and followed it up by changing names of roads with a prefix of R.

    3. Tried to annex traditional Igbo towns like Opobo and Bonny.

    4. They also rode on the anti Igbo sentiments championed by Fulanis to intimidate all Igbo/Igboid groups/areas in old Rivers State to either denounce their Igbo heritage and claim ethnic nationality or face dire consequences. Those that accepted to do so were empowered while those that refused were severely punished or coerced into accepting it. Remember that this was happening at the end of the war when most people were hungry and in survival mode. Again, there was the oil boom era during that time that made it easy for them to use money in achieving this evil moves.

    5. There was two agenda on the table by the Fulanis and it was thus: ensure that all Igbo oil bearing communities were ceded to Rivers and for Igboland to declared landlocked. This move was targeted at making Igbos/Igboland unviable. This was the time when Egbema from Imo State was divided into two and the parts where oil has been discovered in commercial quantities were ceded to Rivers and others left in Imo State. It was also this period that Obigbo was carved of old Imo State and given to Rivers State.

    After committing all these attrocities, and hoping that future generations of Igbos will not find out, they then banned the teaching of history in our schools so that the next generation of Igbos won’t find out. Unfortunately for them, they never envisaged that something called the internet will later emerge to expose all the evil they did.

    What Igbos must do now….

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