Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    Nigerians Knock Sowore Over Osinbajo’s Made In Nigeria Shoe

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    The founder of online news platform, SaharaReporters, Mr. Omoyele Sowore was on Wednesday lambasted by Nigerians for a cryptic post on his Facebook page which attempted to smear the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

    His Facebook post which was accompanied with four pictures of the Vice President read, “Fake shoe soles, photo ops with tomatoes, eating meal with unsuspecting school kids and hugging the old and vulnerable – The scammers are back! Beware! #RevolutionNow.”

    But Nigerians reacted rather angrily to his post, with some saying that if the VP wore new shoes everytime, Sowore will be the same person to insult him.

    A Facebook user Mariam Jimaoh Anike wrote, “Instead of Mr. Sowore to continue to mourn his brother, he’s busy chasing clout. She said “Gosh the death of you brother didn’t pain you at all if not how can you be still obsessed with the number 2 of the country in time when you’re supposed to be mourning your brothers death chai this is ridiculous. Sowore you don’t have Shame what a pity” she concluded

    In a similar comment, Hussain Suleiman said, “This guy is a monster instead of you to be morning your brother died recently and you still continue to showcase your ignorance on social media.”

    Another user, Fakolujo Gbenga Daniel said Osinbajo unlike other leaders is not concerned with wearing foreign designers but proud to patronise Made in Nigeria shoes. “And if he wears expensive foreign shoes, you will still cry that he was mismanaging the public fund.What is your problem? You are the real scammer,” he said.

    In a similar fashion, Yemi Joseph wrote, “A seasoned Professor has no time for frivolous kind of lifestyle, wear $50,000 worth of shoe with empty brain doesn’t increase one’s mental capacity. Criticism of mundane things like outfit and Outlook will amount to nothing, but constructive one.”

    Ugosimba Ella said, “You see a man that is Urbane, Humble and has the interest of his people at heart,” she noted.

    Adeboye Kehinde David cautioned that, “This is totally low on every level. Real freedom fighters don’t use derogatory remarks like you do. Sometimes, I wonder if you’re really behind the keypad typing those nonsense. I wonder what’s wrong with you. This is the time to soberly reflect on your loss, not drag the man doing all he can to make things better for the masses.”

    Another user, Kemi Sisi Eko said she can’t allow Sowere to speak ill of the VP because he’s the MVP. “Alaye na here me and you go separate politically. Not this man, not this man.He is my MVP any day. I fully endorse him as a successor to PMB” she concluded.

    Eere Oyibi said, “Dear Sir, please be in mourning and respect the memory of the Dead! The VP has earned his benefits by proving his mettle. The soles of his shoes has nothing to do with his person. Please, don’t assassinate his character or worth out of bitterness. Complete your younger brothers funeral rites and mourn in peace please,” he advised.

    Habibah Ibrahim talked about Osinbajo’s personality. “You can never change who VP Osinbajo is, he is a leader that’s not after himself but to make sure everything is put in good shape for everybody to benefit and be happy. Sowore you can never paint Osinbajo black before us. He is an exceptional leader,” she said.

    A similar comment by Awal Kn says “You should give him some respect as he’s your father and the father of our beloved country. He’s humble and man of integrity, he’s not the reason behind your mess up, you are just getting what you deserves, so leave this man and the man of the people alone, we owe him loyalty and respect” he concluded.

    In another similar comment, Amina Ayuba said, “instead of you to continue mourning the death of your brother, but you’re here saying all sorts of thrash and bullshits.” She said.

    Asad Imam Mabudi prays for Mr. Sowore to heal from his hatred, “you are hatred is so glaring. May you find remedy before it finish you, someone like you will NEVER LEAD this nation.” He remarked.

    Alexandria Efy Ejike asks “are you not supposed to be mourning? Did your loss make you loose all sense of reasoning?
    Your brother is still in the morgue and you are here spewing hate which by the Way will turn against you because you are fighting a generally loved Man!”

    Muhammad Sheid cautions Mr. Sowore not to involve the VP on his clout chasing post, “don’t drag this innocent gentle VP to your madness. No wonder your brother was killed If you continue like this, you may be the next.”

    Mona Liza Pery pointed that it is good that the number two man is wearing made in Nigeria shoe and not using foreign currency to procure, but also pointed how the VP is dear to the need of school children by providing them with one meal per day under the home grown school feeding of the NSIP, “Is it not good he’s wearing a made in Nigerian product? Is it not better than spending huge amount of dollar to procure his wears, he prefer to spend that money to feed the children via the home grown school feeding that will sharpen their brains to personal use. However, Sowore, I thought you are in mourning period, even though you lied about who killed your brother, same way you have been lying all in the name of gaining people’s pity.” She said.

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