Sunday, September 26, 2021

    IPOB: The Cancer Of Igboland

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    Naija247news Editorial Team
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    Some people say Igbo’s love money and will do anything for money.

    I believe that there is a limit to what we as Igbo’s can do for money, but i never imagined that people will be ready to sink an entire tribe and region for financial gains.

    Looking at where IPOB is taking Igbo’s, and how Igbo’s are fast loosing relevance in this nation is worrisome.

    Our people say ” oke afa, n’egbu nwa nkita”. This means big name kills a puppy. It means people can praise you to your death.

    People of other regions praise igbos for being bold and outspoken, and we keep bragging to prove them right.
    While we do all the noise making, creating enemies for ourselves, they are busy positioning themselves to take our place in the nation.

    Today UK is an enemy of Igbo’s, kenya is an enemy of Igbo’s, US is an enemy for selling arms to Nigeria, Ghana is an Enemy, Israel is also an enemy for not saving our saviour.

    Then Nigeria is our greatest Enemy. The SW has produced president and are warming up again. SS has produced and is warming up again, Igbo’s say IPOB WORLDWIDE LIMITED, is going to divide Nigeria for them and bring Biafra .

    ENDSARS protest took place, lagos quickly managed the situation to protect the image and economy of the region.

    IPOB continued burning police stations, killing police and army in igboland, while we watched and hailed.

    Fulani killed igbo and also killed Yoruba’s. The Yoruba’s came together formed amotekun and backed it by law.Knowing fully well that the consequences of an armed group without backing by law is death.

    IPOB gathered and armed criminals, armed them without any laws.

    Imposed them on igbos and threatened to kill any other security outfit backed by law in igboland.

    They claimed ESN was formed to protect igboland from intrusion. Since the forming, no single fulani casualty, Only igbo casualty.

    They opened the prisons and released criminals in igboland to create more insecurity. But claimed security of igboland is the aim of ESN.

    One begins to wonder how, releasing criminals into the society brings security. It becomes clear that ESN is an armed wing setup by IPOB to subdue Igbo’s and increase revenue.

    Today Rivers and Lagos state are fighting for VAT to improve the economy of the state, and automatically the regions.

    IPOB is doing is doing opposite, shutting down economic activities in the SE and destroying igbo lives and businesses.

    When you ask what was achieved by sit at home, they insult.

    Ask them what igboland has gained from IPOB, they insult.

    If nothing is done about this IPOB cancer, Igbo’s will be refugees and parasites in Southern Nigeria.

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