Sunday, September 26, 2021

    Why Biafra Remains The Best Option For The Eastern Regions

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    You can’t hate IPOB because a lot is structurally wrong with Nigeria. I did it before but changed my mind when I realised Nigeria can’t be redeemed.

    How can I support a government that has been accused of shielding terrorists? Who takes a country that lacks the will to mention sponsors of terrorism serious? Why is Nigeria not a failed state?

    Things are getting worse and you’re asking me to reject Biafra. Why should I reject Biafra, is Nigeria better? I always laugh at the fools who want us to support the killing of IPOBs, our brothers and sisters who are fighting hard to free us from this contraption.

    Will you spare and accept me even if I wear one Nigeria as clothes?
    Give me one reason why I should hate IPOB and accept Nigeria? Should I accept Nigeria because there is security, respect for human rights, jobs, justice, equity? Why shouldn’t

    I support freedom instead of death from killer Fulani herdsmen, bandits, boko haram, sharia etc? Most of what Nigeria does is blackmail IPOB and have a reason for killing innocent Igbo youths.

    The world is searching for reason to believe Nigeria is a united and safe nation.

    The only reason a Fulani soldier or police can give for killing an Igbo youth is that he is an IPOB; he wants to break Nigeria.

    If you’re in a cage, won’t you find a way to escape? The world looks at Nigeria as a very lawless place where your right to peaceful protest is not even guaranteed not to talk of justice.

    Where is the justice of those killed in Benue, Plateau, Taraba, Kaduna etc and how do you ensure my safety as a Nigerian?

    How can you tell me you killed an IPOB member because he is violent but you still killed him when he carried placards? Which should I believe when IPOB has come to deny any violent action.

    I want to say clearly that Igbos support IPOB because Nigeria is not a better option. That’s why Igbos sit at home.

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