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    The Economic And Political Impact Of IPOB In Igboland. – Politics

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    Some Brainwashed Igbo’s say Nnamdi Kanu opened tbeir eyes. They said he is a blessing to Igbo’s. Let us analyse this blessing.

    Today we look at the economic impact of IPOB in igboland.

    The average poor igbo person in igboland, spends a minimum of 40,000 a month.

    In a year they spend 480,000.

    Since the introduction of Kanu’s IPOB, over 1000 Igbo’s have died.

    We assume those igbos had more 20 years to live.

    So we have 480,000 x 20 x 1000= 9,600,000,000

    Now for the person to spend 40,000 a month, he/she has to make more than that. So we assume the 40,000 represents 80% of their monthly income. So they are left with 20,000 saved.

    So we look at 20,000 x 12 × 1000 x 20 = 4,800,000,000

    Now what ever they earn a year, directly or indirectly, they pay at least 5% of it annually in tax.

    So assuming they earn 60,000 monthly, we look at

    60,000 x 12 x 20 x 1000 – 5% = 13,680,000,000 this is what the SE region would have generated in tax in 20 years.

    We look at the cost of properties destroyed. Police cars burnt, houses destroyed etc.

    Lets place that at 3,000,000,000

    The above will just be a minimum. Other factore that can’t be measured are bellow.

    In the process of the Unknown Gunmen saga in IMO, Nightlife was affected. Curfews placed in Anambra, Aba, IMO etc.

    This greatly affected hotel, eatries, bars, clubs etc. If i place an estimate of 10,000,000,000 within this time, it would be too small.


    The level of diverted investment from the east is far more than the calculations above.

    You can’t imagine the level of real estate investment diverted to lagos.

    The more the sit at home, the more sane Igbo’s move their investment out of igboland.

    It is becoming clear why multinationals will always have their headquarters in SW.

    IPOB is gradually crippling the economy of the SE.


    Every region knows that it is morally right for power to move to the South East after Buhari. But IPOB have further given the north and other regions reasons not to support an Igbo candidate.

    Will they support and Igbo presidential candidate that will divide Nigeria?

    How these people believe that a registered organisation in UK will divide Nigeria, still baffles me.

    Israel did not get them the Biafra, they moved it to Donald trump, now it is ambazonia.

    By 2023, Igboland will be far behind other regions Economically and Politically .

    I am even wondering if it is Tinubu and Fulani that is sponsoring this IPOB.

    To ensure south eastern Nigeria is no longer Politically and Economically viable.

    After todays sit at home, many more igbo businesses will move to lagos.

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