Sunday, September 26, 2021

    IPOB FOOLISHNESS: “We Don’t Want Biafra Anymore”-IGBO

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    Words on the street has it that most igbos are beginning to kick against the so called Biafra agitation created by the IPOB. In their words “Ipob has lost direction…their modus operandi,demonic”.

    Igbos can’t trade in peace anymore because some set of jobless illiterates have hijacked the struggle. Worse is that those cheering the wrong route of the struggle ,majority are based outside the south East and have their businesses far away from Ipob troubles and destruction. But what happens to the common man who gets his wages on d daily? The tomatoes sellers? The artisans? The wheelbarrow pushers in d market places? Etc what then will become of them?

    Igbos are beginning to lament on the increase in crime rate in the region due to the incessant sit at homes which has led to massive hunger and poverty.

    On the part of the South South, the region isn’t surprised seeing how the leadership of Ipob has turned the region into chaos. Reason why they outrightly rejected the inclusion of their states into the Biafra territory. Lucky? Ain’t they?

    Big businesses who decided to comeback to the region as a result of the Governors “aku ruo ulo “ campaign are beginning to bite their tongues in heavy regret. This is due to the destruction of businesses created by ipob decrees. For those who don’t know,the meaning of the quoted words “bring the wealth home” “bring your expertise back home” “develop the eastern region as well”. Now do we say the initiative is in the mud already?

    General body language of the people says that they are no longer in support of the ipob leadership and may soon clamping down on them if care isn’t taken.

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