Sunday, September 26, 2021

    Over 60% Of Lagos VAT Is From Sea Port

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    STILL ON VAT: Figures now being reeled out shows that more than 60% of VAT being generated from Lagos State is from the sea ports; can you beat that?

    This simply means that Lagos state sits on our common patrimony and has an undue favouritism to develop at the expense of other port cities like Warri for no just cause.

    I submit that we cannot be talking of true federalism, justice and unity when some part of the country is overtly being oppressed to the economic advantage of another favoured part.

    Restructuring should not be only about the north vs south diatribe, it must also include as of necessity any south-on-south economic violence.

    I dare to say that the conversation on VAT cannot be effectively discussed without the discussion of opening all the other ports in Nigeria, particularly the Warri port for business.

    As the 1 million man march of Abacha led to the agitation for resource control then, so also must this VAT issue lead to the agitation for opening the eastern ports for business.

    The city of Warri has been subjected to unwarranted economic strangulation; it can’t breathe because it has a fellow southern brotherly knee on her neck!

    If this is not economic banditry, what is it?

    By: John Aikpokpo-Martins
    (Nigerian Bar Association (NBA First Vice President)

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