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    A Letter To The Southern Kaduna People From A Son Of The Plateau

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    This letter is directed to all my brothers and sisters who are Indigenes of Kaduna state that are not Hausa’ by ethnicity. Those whose ancestors have lived, thrived and evolved around the Kaduna and Gurara rivers for thousands of years. Those who are descendants of the ancient Nok civilization.

    From the Kamuku/Gbagyi people at the South of Birnin Gwari/Igabi LGAs to the Kurama people of Pambeguwa at the south of Kubau LGA, down to all the boundaries of Kaduna state with Plateau, Nasarawa, Bauchi and Niger states.

    Not also forgetting Doguwa LGA of Kano state which is populated by the Kurama people but was wrongly added to Kano state.

    I started by calling you Southern Kaduna people my brothers and sisters even though I am from Plateau state because in reality, there is absolutely no difference between Plateau and Southern Kaduna people except for imaginary boundaries that were drawn by colonial masters.
    Culturally, Linguistically, Ancestrally, Mentally, Socially, Physically and Religiously, the people of Plateau and Southern Kaduna are basically the same.
    The British inspired political boundaries which were continually manipulated by subsequent military dictators against us, are the only things that divide us.
    Our Fathers accepted, adopted and even championed the identities of these political boundaries because they ignorantly believed that Nigeria could be one united country. Alas, the same thing our fathers supported is now being used by evil doers to destroy and decimate us.

    Unlike in the case of Plateau state, where the first major CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS took place in 1993 during the first Jos crisis, in Kaduna state, it was in 1987 during the Kafanchan crisis. Before the Kafanchan crisis, other smaller clashes like that of Kasuwan Magani and Yarkasuwa had taken place, all between 1983- 1989.
    Most of us who make up the present day population were not born or were children when these conflicts took place.
    The crisis of Zangon Kataf 1992 and Kaduna 2001 took place closely followed by the ‘Miss world clashes’ of 2006.
    Just like on the Plateau, and elsewhere in the wider PLATEAU- GURARA- GONGOLA region, these conflicts are termed INDIGENE- SETTLER conflicts and other times, they transform into religious conflicts, but for me, I’d rather call them a ‘Clash of civilizations’.

    Just like Plateau state, starting from 2010- 2014 till date, the Indigenous people of Southern Kaduna began to witness a whole new dimension of bloodshed, killings and terrorism. Armed mercenaries from nowhere come in the middle of the night to villages and slaughter unarmed villagers without a prior provocation, fracas or conflict.
    This act of terrorism is dubiously called FARMERS- HERDERS CLASHES by the Nigerian government in order to water it down. However, these have been nothing but clearly internationally sponsored acts of terrorism and jihad against the Indigenous people of the region.

    In spite of all these attacks, our people continued to remain peaceful, lawful and law abiding, but it seems like it has been misconstrued for weakness and foolishness by these terrorists.
    It is now very clear that the people who sponsor these acts of terrorism against us are in possession and control of the security systems of this country.
    The same national security forces that we trust to protect us are in collaboration with these terrorists called HERDSMEN, who have now unleashed the same acts of terrorism all over Nigeria.
    In Southern Kaduna and many other parts of Nigeria, these terrorist herdsmen have now added a business perspective to their terrorism by kidnapping people for ransom.
    People have been kidnapped from their houses, churches and schools and the Federal government has been completely clueless and useless in tackling this problem because they themselves are part and parcel of the problem.

    There are currently between 5- 6 million Indigenous people of Southern Kaduna.
    A very successful and progressive people with very high levels of literacy. I have always admired you my brethren from Southern Kaduna, considering where you guys are coming from and how you have managed to progress inspite of all the challenges. Right from the days of Old North-Central (Old Kaduna) state, where you guys shared a state with the entire Hausa’ fulani muslim majority population of present day Katsina state and Zaria.

    At that time, Katsina people dominated the state and gave Zaria second position, leaving crumbs for you my Southern Kaduna people. However, today, both Katsina and Zaria indigenes combined cannot match you guys in terms of literacy levels and the number and quality of professors and Academia you have produced. So never allow anyone or anything from anywhere to make you feel belittled and small.
    I cannot imagine how we your brethren from Plateau state would have fared if we were in your shoes in a situation where we shared a state with Zaria and Katsina combined for 21 years. I personally think we would have done worse compared to you guys.

    O great people of Gurara, We the descendants of the ancient NOK CIVILIZATION and KWARARAFA CONFEDERACY are not born cowards. It is hightime we redefined our allegiance and commitment to this ‘sick mess’ of a Nation called Nigeria that has failed to defend us and protect our dignity.

    Make no mistake my brothers and sisters, GURARA STATE is not the solution to your problems, because I understand that some of you have been wrongfully made to believe in a proposed Gurara state as the answer to your prayers from the oppression and suppression you currently face in Kaduna state.
    Take a good look at those of us from Plateau state and Taraba state, we have a state in which we control the political positions, however we have not fared any better than you guys. We are equally victims of sponsored terrorism to the same extent, if not even to worse proportions just as you guys are.
    Our elections are still manipulated and politicians who were rejected by our people are still enforced on us.
    Plateau state as a good case study where our own Governor is actively working against us and taking sides with our enemies. These politicians are now even used to manipulate us from within which is even more destructive.

    Nigeria within the framework in which it exists is clearly a failed geographical experiment and whatever ‘gift or compensation’ we get from it is nothing but a ‘Greek gift’ which is meant to buy more time for our enemies to effectively execute our destruction.
    That is why my brethren, your allegiance and commitment from today should only go to your own good people of SOUTHERN KADUNA and the wider region of PLATEAU- GURARA- GONGOLA.
    As a people, we can only be free when we control our borders, national policies and the security systems surrounding our borders.
    An independent PLATEAU- GURARA- GONGOLA region or a KWARARAFA REPUBLIC where we can control our own security and borders is the only solution to our current problems, not any state creation whatsoever.

    Unlike in Plateau where a good number of us the indigenes allowed ourselves to be divided based on ethnicity and dialects out of short-sightedness, you my Southern Kaduna people have remained strong and united as a people.
    However, the fire of that unity must move on to the next level.

    The last few years when terrorist Herdsmen laid siege to Adara land (Kachia and Kajuru LGAs), most people from Zangon Kataf, Jema’a, Jaba, Chikun and other parts of Southern Kaduna were either silent, indifferent or showed little action. Now, these attacks have shifted to Zangon Kataf and it seems like it is the cross of the Atyap people alone.
    When are we going to understand that as long as we continue to fragment ourselves according to tribal lines, our enemies are going to keep decimating us one after the other?

    A Southern Nigerian or a Hausa’ fulani man cannot tell the difference between a Plateau or Southern Kaduna man, let alone the difference between a Ninzo, Bajju, Koro, Chawai or Kagoro.
    Even we can hardly differentiate ourselves because the dialects, languages, cultures and traditions are basically the same.
    Our enemies will deceive us and say that they are only having issues with a particular tribe which is a perfect agenda for divide and conquer, yet most of us still fall for these tricks and go to bed with our two eyes closed. We feel as long as our tribe is not involved, we are safe.

    Terrorists cannot fly with wings from Niger republic to Samaru Kataf to attack and kill people. They must have passed through Saminaka, Kachia, Kauru, Jema’a or other parts of Southern Kaduna before reaching Zangon Kataf.
    The ‘million-dollar’ question is where were the Indigenes of those areas when these terrorists were traveling through or camping in their villages in order to attack Zangon Kataf?

    As you are reading this article, you may ask yourself, how can I help?, but I know nobody or any route to offer any assistance or contribution.
    If you are truly an Indigene of Southern Kaduna, you belong to an ethnic group, have you contacted the youth leader of your ethnic group? If you do not have confidence in your socio-cultural groups, SOKAPU is a group that has been selflessly working for the entire people of Southern Kaduna. Have you ever contacted them in order to contribute your quota to the progress of the union?

    Many of us, especially the middle class decided to be very selfish, living in our modern houses in Kaduna city, Abuja or Jos, thinking that the insecurity was confined to the villages and will never come to us.
    We forget that when they are done with the villages, they will come to us. Now, the rescources we should have used in strengthening the associations that would have protected our interests and dignity in this failed project called Nigeria, we are using them to pay kidnappers and terrorists just to live and survive.

    If you are a proud son or daughter SOUTHERN KADUNA, you read this letter up to this point, you received this letter with a greatful heart and believe in the contents therein, please do well to share it on your wall/pages/groups with your friends and families. You can also like, follow and comment on this page PLATEAU-GURARA-GONGOLA as a way of showing your support.
    Together, we shall overcome!

    Written by
    Plateau Gurara Gongola.
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