Friday, October 22, 2021

    Tinubu/Osibanjo Presidential Ambition, A Calamity About To Envelop Yoruba Land

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    Yorubas must ask themselves certain questions in order not to allow the ambition of 2 men to ruin their destiny whether under Nigeria or Oduduwa Republic.

    Tinubu/Osibanjo presidential ambition, is it more profitable to the Yoruba nation when compared to a Restructured Nigeria.?

    If Obasanjo presidency failed to achieve a Restructured Nigeria, what is the guarantee that a Tinubu/Osibanjo presidency will achieve a Restructured Nigeria.?

    If Nigeria is not restructured, how will Yorubas be able to use their hard earned sweat eg Tax, diaspora remittances, etc to develop Yoruba land thereby reducing unemployment and crimes.?

    How can Yorubas achieve a Restructured Nigeria if the South is divided as a result of political selfishness played by Tinubu/Osibanjo.?

    For Nigeria to become as developed as the United States and Europe, the South must be united in order to champion progressive policies like fiscal federalism, state police, etc.

    Southern Unity can not be achieved if the Yorubas fall for Tinubu/Osibanjo selfish political ambition.

    Remember that in the days of Herbert Macaulay(A Yoruba), the south was united which made it easy to achieve Nigeria’s independence without war like that of Algeria, US, etc but the unity was destroyed by Awolowo’s ethnic politics which ended up leading to a ruined Nigeria under the supervision of Fulani hegemony whose leaders opposed Nigeria’s independence.


    Yorubas, don’t oppose an Igbo presidency for the sake of Southern Unity.

    Just as the Igbos won over the Southern minorities by voting for Jonathan in 2015 which today has solidify the political unity of SS and SE, I will advice you Yorubas to win over the remaining south by supporting an Igbo presidency.

    An Igbo presidency will unite the South which is the first step amongst other steps to a New Nigeria favorable to all including the Fulanis

    Yorubas RONU

    An Advice From A High Ranking Intelligence Officer Of Southern Origin

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