Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    Black day in Zaria over El-rufai’s order Demolition Of Graceland

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    It is pertinent to establish that,I am writing an eye witness account, being a resident, a victim & associate victim of worst carnage I have ever seen on the surface of the earth.
    God in his infinite mercies granted his people a vast land and in appreciation to Him we called it GRACE LAND here in Zaria behind College of Aviation Technology.

    Last night at about 10pm,the devil struck with his usual instruments of demolition! The worst evil act I have ever seen!The worst form of demolition in the history of Kaduna State!

    As an eye witness, a victim (A victim because my Church has been demolished in our very eyes!) A victim because my friends,neighbors houses were demolished in our very eyes etc etc.

    For the purpose of clarity & understanding, the following structures were razed down without recourse to justice & base on some oral sources from experts in Urban & Regional Planning;

    1.An estimated of 500 structures stands demolished.Out of which;

    2.Seven Churches of not less than 500 seating capacities were demolished.

    3.Two Mosques of at most 30 seating capacities were demolished.

    4.Bethel Church is the biggest Church in Graceland, Zaria in terms of landmass & population with its Bible School & Secondary School was demolished.

    The demographic characteristics of the settlement are lecturers of ABU,Zaria, FCE,Zaria, College of Aviation Tech,Zaria, Leather Research Institute, Zaria, FGGC,Zaria, Medical personnel of ABU Teaching Hospital, Zaria, staff of Nigeria Institute of Transport Tech,Zaria,Business men and women (100% Igbos) and the list goes on & on.And they called the settlement-GRACELAND!

    The demographic personalities as mentioned turned the “desert” the most attractive place to stay in Zaria! Those that are conversant with with Zaria know what I’m saying- very clam,peaceful and civilised.

    The questions we most address are as follows even though some of which were addressed by the court.

    1.Where was Aviation Tech.When the lands where sold & developed?
    2.How comes certificate of ownership (C of Os) where issued?
    3.Since collage of aviation tech.is a federal establishment why is Kaduna state government meddling & championing the course of demolition?
    4.Where is the rule of law?
    5.Is the movement a religious or ethnic war?etc
    The above questions would serve as serves as a compass to this study to enable us understand the legal, religion & economic implication to what exactly happed!

    Now for record purpose. I am not writing stirs violence or uprising.We here in Graceland are law abiding fellows.Even when they were demolishing our structures we where only singing praises to our God according to our corporate & individual faiths.

    What a lawless country that drives pleasure in inflicting pains & sorrows to its citizens!

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