Monday, October 18, 2021

    How Igbo Speaking Biafra Supporters Will Loose In a Referendum

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    If referendum is scheduled in 2 months time, this is how ipobians will loose in a referendum:

    1. Federal government places over one million Ibos in federal civil service on one month leave for them to prepare for referendum.
      ( this news will send shock down the spine of some ibos and they will be telling their family members the consequences of forfeiting their jobs some of them will withdraw support for biafra)

    6 weeks to referendum

    1. States and local governments all over the federation will place all their ibo civil servants on one months leave . This means about three million ibos are already jobless. ( with this news, some ibos will be shedding tears)

    4 weeks to referendum

    3.state governments except those in South East withdraws C of O of all ibos who have landed properties in Nigeria. This news will make some ibos to start selling their properties at give away price while others will be campaigning against biafra referendum.

    3 weeks to referendum

    1. Nigerian Immigration Service announces that all illegal migrants should prepare to leave Nigeria in one months time ( after referendum). By this time reality will set in and they will then realize the beauty of Nigeria and start asking questions whether biafra could offer better lives.

    A week to referendum

    1. Nigerian banks, telecommunication services, electricity etc would have started readjusting to changes that may soon happen. This will make them to reduce services in the South East due to currency, political and logistics issues. This means that their will be poor or no services in South East, consequently millions of more ibos will loose thier jobs.

    Referendum modalities

    Should referendum be conducted in South East alone or through out the federation for Ibos who are leaving outside South East?

    In the end, it will be agreed that ibos outside South East must be allowed to vote.

    What is population distribution of ibos in Nigerian?

    South East 15 million

    Ibos outside South East 30 million

    Result of referendum

    90% for Nigerian 10% for Biafra

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