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    Why Tinubu Is Unfit To Be President In 2023 By Olaide Omideyi

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    Election season is fast approaching again and both contenders and the usual pretenders are dropping their hats into the ring for consideration.

    One of the contenders who later became a pretender and is now trying to make himself a serious contender again is Bola Ahmed Tinubu. From holding birthday colloquium in the core northern city of Kano to donating generously to the Arewa House library and internally displaced persons in the North Central to burnish his national credentials, Tinubu has been running from pillar to post, trying to make himself look like a nationalistic figure as opposed to the Southwest political godfather that he really is.

    The truth is, Tinubu cannot be a national politician because he is a regional leader in thought and action and can never be a national leader. He stays in Lagos and tries to be the big roster that doesn’t allow smaller ones crow for a reason.

    I don’t want Bola Ahmed Tinubu as Nigeria’s next president. I don’t even want him dreaming about participating in politics or dreaming about leading anything or anyone again. He is part of the generation that does not know when enough is enough and will not bow out when the ovation is loudest but until when the audience starts to throw stones and empty bottles.

    2023 is election year and the same old, faded and empty heads decorated with fancy caps are going round making useless ‘consultations’ to justify why they are contesting.

    Why they cannot trust a younger, more vibrant and intelligent person without the garbage they are having will shock only a non-Nigerian.

    Like the proverbial masquerade that will not think of returning to its sacred grove until it has been booed out of the market, our politicians do not stop thinking they are indispensable until they are humiliated. Tinubu has so many negatives going against him that his aides are trying mightily to paper over but that I will discuss here as some of the reasons why we must not be delivered of eight wasted years and enter another possible eight years of darkness and excuses. A Tinubu presidency will convey to all of us, a better understanding of what Senator Alli Ndume meant when he said he saw ‘light at the end of the toilet’.

    I will start with his age. Despite being officially ’69’, everyone knows he is lying and that he is considerably older than that.

    His dishonesty about his age was the reason why he has not been able to confirm the years he attended schools, his classmates and even the name of the schools he attended.

    Tinubu is old and by now, I am sure we have had enough of old people who struggle to win elections only to start moving in and out of hospitals instead of working as expected. Let him go and take care of his failing health.

    Let him enjoy his money for a change instead of working hard to amass wealth and not having the opportunity to spend it. He should visit a dentist while at it and have his teeth properly cleaned and washed. Let him buy a treadmill and exercise. He can also ‘work’ to make even more money to be kept in bullion vans, so that he can tell us with all the arrogance he can muster, that he can keep his money wherever he liked and move it in bullion vans any time.

    A lawless person cannot be relied upon to keep the spirit of the law in a country with weak and compromised national institutions like Nigeria. There will be no check and balances to control his excesses in office.

    His carefully crafted persona of a ‘manager of men and resources’ is fake the same way the persona of integrity was created for someone we all know and whose utterances and actions have been the opposite of integrity and accountability. He doesn’t have what it takes to manage a country like Nigeria. His gaffes are too many to be overlooked. From proposing the recruitment of fifty million young people to fight insecurity who would be fed ‘cassava, maize and agbado’ like area boys under Oshodi bridge to ‘converting empty land to grazing areas’ to placate northern power brokers, he has proven that he is nothing without the legion of aides he relies on to carry out everything. If he cannot lead policies, how can he ensure that right things are being done? He will become another ‘economic illiterate’ who will not allow his deputy outshine him.

    His opaque history is filled with too many gaps. When did he attend those schools? Who are his classmates? Who were his teachers? How many of them can go on the record to say they attended the same school with him? If he cannot come clean on simple things like the name of his schools, he cannot be trusted to lead a whole country with openness and accountability.

    Who is Bola Ahmed Tinubu? Nobody knows exactly who he is since his origins, real names and vital information that could allow people make informed decisions about him are not in the pubic domain or subject of controversies like his ties with Iragbiji in Osun state and his real parents. Late Lam Adesina said he assigned four teachers to go through the records of Government College Ibadan from inception to 2003 and they never saw any ‘Bola Ahmed Tinubu’ on the student lists.

    Will he be fair enough to every region or will he be a slave to the ‘Unseen’ cabal manipulating things in this country? Tinubu will rather please the powers that be than do the right thing because he is a sycophantic hustler and an establishment person himself.

    Does he have the moral authority to fight corruption when he himself had already been put under the searchlight of EFCC for corrupt enrichment several times? What happens if his past catch up with him and the FBI request for his extradition like one Mr. Abba Kyari of the police?

    Will he be able to sever his ties with NURTW thugs and deal with them if required? Very unlikely. The foundation of his aura of invisibility in Lagos is the National Union of Road Transport Workers aka ‘Agberos’ who command an economy that generates more revenue than at least 32 Nigerian states. Many of the NURTW officials are rich and will do anything to ensure their freedoms are not disturbed. Tinubu is the assurance, the liaison and the bridge between them and the officialdom they require to continue making money illegally without hindrance. In return, they offer their manpower and the perceived ability to unleash violence to him on demand. This was what happened in Lagos during the 2019 elections when the NURTW thugs were unleashed in some areas where the election seemed not to be going according to plan. Will Tinubu be able to turn his back on his primary constituency, the NURTW, if he becomes a president? Your guess is as good as mine.

    Will he remain healthy enough to perform? Not likely. He will most likely continue to travel abroad to ‘see his doctors because he has been using them for over forty years and they have his records’ according to the current excuse being offered on behalf of the current incumbent of the position Tinubu is craving.

    Will he make any difference? Not likely because he won’t implement any policy that will change the status quo. Roads will remain terrible, electricity will still be epileptic, unemployment will still be high except for thugs and insecurity will worsen.

    These are some of the reasons why Mr. Bola Ahmed Tinubu aka Amoda Sangodele of Iragbiji town cannot be our president.

    With rejection of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, I hereby take a stand against same of the same and sign up for a new Nigeria.

    These old professional politicians will never retire from the scene because they are not decent and don’t know how to bow out when the ovation is loudest. The Nigerian people must give them their pension plan and ensure they stick to it.

    Olaide Omideyi is a conflict management, post-conflict reintegration and economic development expert with over two decades experience with international organisations including the United Nations. He writes from Abeokuta, Ogun state and can be reached on +2347032356295, omideyi3259@gmail.

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