Thursday, December 2, 2021

    Why Will Buhari, Northern Political Oligarchs Negotiate With Nnamdi Kanu?

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    I find it funny when people say Buhari should negotiate with Nnamdi kanu, for peace to reign.

    They made all the noise and destruction and asked that kanu be brought to court. So now they brought kanu and what next?

    They are confused on the next step. Kanu was not released, he was not granted bail, he was not sent to prison.

    So i ask them these questions.

    1) if buhari did not negotiate with Nnamdi Kanu when there was no evidence against him, is it now that there is overwhelming evidence that he will negotiate?

    2) Is buhari contesting another election that he needs kanu’s support to win the SE?

    3) will the killing and destruction of igboland stop oil export and borrowing?

    4) if IPOB kills all the Igbo’s in igboland, will that make buhari angry? NO

    5) Does APC need Kanu to win SE? YES. APC will benefit from keeping kanu in detention till 2023. This will then make igboland totally politically irrelevant. By then IPOB will be enforcing the no election in Biafraland. So only few votes are need to win the SE.

    Already they have ensured that the chances of any igbo candidate have been ruined from the east, talk more of other regions.

    So whats the worst case scenario?

    Buhari will focus the insecurity fight in the North and allow IPOB continue killing and destroying igboland. They keep bombing the north, so that when its time to bomb the SE nobody will accuse government of being hard on the east.

    So buhari will allow kanu and IPOB do 70% of the killing and destruction of igboland. Then he brings in the jets, bomb the remaining 30% .

    So whether IPOB Kill all Igbo’s in igboland or the military is sent to kill Igbo’s in igboland, its a win win situation for Buhari.

    So The only option available to kanu is to be initiated to miyeti allah.

    The IPOB lawyers know that Biafra is a scam and they are charging IPOB to represent kanu. This is their own chance to get their share of the donation money that kanu have been eating with his family.

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