Saturday, December 4, 2021

    Prodigals Use African Wealth To Enriched Other Continents

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    There was a man that loved his family, village and country so much he almost sacrificed his life working to death anywhere he could find jobs. Even in the mines outside his country. Luckily, he accomplished all he could for his family, village and country. No matter how gifted a man, family, village or country is in talents, wealth and natural resources, only good character can manage and keep them in place, productively. Otherwise the wealth will be lost to those that are smarter.

    We know that charity begins at home. Contrary to popular assumption, wealth is not limited to money. Wealth in many cultures are among those that are highly respected because of their contributions and skills in Arts, Sciences, Crafts and Culture, not necessarily in money. Indeed, the richest are not the most respected. Things Fall Apart taught us that in Umuofia, age was respected but achievement was revered.

    Despite all his struggles and effort for his family, his village and country, another man died realizing only his personal dream, not that of his family, his village and country. He was driven by the wise saying that good exemplary character is the best inheritance not material wealth in the family, village or country. Those can be wasted and fade away through idle fingers that did not toil day and night for wealth.

    E tu Brutus experiences teach us that love for, and to one another are not exactly the same in return. It can be more or less. We may find out that some of the people we love the most are the least to trust. Yoruba folks put it succinctly as: we know who we love, we do not know who loves us. Eni afe lamo ao meni to feni.


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