Friday, October 22, 2021
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    An end to super-cheap money? Central banks begin tightening cycle

    Having made billions available to households, companies and governments to borrow during the pandemic, the brakes are now being applied

    Thermal coal prices soar as global demand for electricity rebounds

    Popularity of fossil fuel as a stopgap to generate power reveals difficulties of clean energy transition

    Egyptian billionaire Sawiris sets up $1.4bn gold mining vehicle

    La Mancha Fund will drive consolidation in fragmented industry

    Why are fully vaccinated people testing positive for Covid?

    Despite rising ‘breakthrough infections’ most cases remain mild and are in line with expectations

    Bank of America and Citigroup revenues decline as lending stalls

    by Imani Moise in New York Bank of America and Citigroup reported declining revenue on Wednesday as low interest rates and shrinking loan books continued...

    The political awakening of Melinda French Gates

    by Joshua Chaffin and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York It was April 2019 and Melinda French Gates was touring to promote her book, The Moment...

    Nigerians blame Shell for ‘community problems’ in Niger Delta

    Oil major says risk profile of area is behind decision to end onshore activity

    Africa races to establish better high-speed connections

    African countries are some of the fastest-growing internet markets, but lack the necessary digital infrastructure

    Wanted: funding models that deal with Africa’s infrastructure paradoxes

    African projects have a reputation for risk, but in reality default rates are often lower than elsewhere

    Fossil fuel-dependent economies like Nigeria will face costly transition as world looks to net-zero future

    Many fossil fuel-dependent economies will struggle to diversify despite intense pressure to hit 2050 targets Among those least prepared include Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Equatorial Guinea,...

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