Saturday, September 18, 2021
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    African debt to China: ‘A major drain on the poorest countries’

    The biggest bilateral lender to Africa this century is hesitant on debt relief as crisis reveals fragmented nature of loans

    Emerging-market currencies diverge on expectations of Biden win

    Eva Szalay and Tommy Stubbington in London Rising expectations for Joe Biden winning the US election are shaking up emerging-market currencies, with exchange rates moving...

    African governments are outsourcing their natural areas

    ZAKOUMA “All of these bulls will have ak-47 bullets in them,” says Leon Lamprecht. From his porch the manager of Zakouma National Park, in southern...

    A new cold war: Trump, Xi and the escalating US-China confrontation

    In the first of a series, Gideon Rachman explores how the rivalry between the two superpowers is starting to feel eerily familiar

    Trump slap ByteDance 90-day deadline to sell US TikTok operations

    President also ramps up pressure on Chinese tech by ending waiver allowing sales to Huawei

    Apple’s Epic App Store encounter

    TikTok staff to challenge Trump, SEC probes iQiyi, Galaxy Watch 3 reviews

    Dollar blues: why the pandemic is testing confidence in the US currency

    After the greenback suffers its worst month in a decade on economic concerns, debate about its global role is stirring by Colby Smith in New...

    Shale boss says US has passed peak oil

    US crude production has already peaked, according to one of the country’s leading shale executives, as producers battered by the price crash shun new...

    Putin delays $360bn spending plan as Covid-19 batters economy

    Vladimir Putin has delayed his flagship $360bn national investment plan by six years as the coronavirus pandemic pitches Russia into recession and leaves a...

    BlackRock punishes 53 companies over climate inaction

    BlackRock has punished more than 50 companies from US oil major ExxonMobil to Swedish carmaker Volvo over their lack of progress on tackling global...

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