Thursday, July 29, 2021
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    Why are fully vaccinated people testing positive for Covid?

    Despite rising ‘breakthrough infections’ most cases remain mild and are in line with expectations

    Digital rivals? Central bank e-cash plans prompt lenders to wade in

    Banks working on wholesale CBDCs; see cost, efficiency gains Lenders worried about increased competition in retail space Industry is stepping up lobbying, research, pilot projects LONDON, July...

    The political awakening of Melinda French Gates

    by Joshua Chaffin and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York It was April 2019 and Melinda French Gates was touring to promote her book, The Moment...

    HUSHPUPPI: The Rise & Fall Of The Billionaire Gucci Master

    Authorities say Ramon Abbas, aka Hushpuppi, perfected a simple internet scam and laundered millions of dollars. His past says a lot about digital swagger, and the kinds of stories that get told online.

    Analysts see Nigeria’s Access Bank find success in niche markets amidst tough South African competition

    Nigeria's Access Bank PLC faces tough competition from incumbents as it ramps up operations in South Africa, but it could find success in niche...

    Twitter needs Nigeria and India to drive global growth. but It’s running into trouble in both countries

    Twitter is under siege in two countries that are critical for its global growth plans. The social media giant has been ensnared in a battle...

    Nigeria’s Twitter ban has a lesson for big tech

    Nigeria’s Twitter ban removes 40 million users Last week, Twitter found itself on the wrong side of the Nigerian government when it deleted a tweet...

    Nigeria’s Twitter ban could have a long-term economic cost

    By Jeffrey Conroy-Krutz Associate Professor of Political Science, Michigan State University Nigeria’s decision to suspend Twitter indefinitely could backfire for the government and cost the country...

    Djibouti’s port dream to become the ‘Singapore of Africa’

    Location and stability reinforce the small desert nation’s ambitions to be a leading maritime trading hub

    Investors’ interest falters on lack of ‘bankable’ African projects

    By Neil Munshi As the developed world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, investors are hungry for yield — and many are looking at the gains...

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